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Snake River Farms

30% off Kurobuta ham and pork + free shipping

Snake River Farms buy their high-quality pork from a network of small, family-run farms. Then they smoke it with hard wood to create the juiciest, most delicious ham you’ve ever tasted.… read the full review

Passion House Coffee Roasters

30% off

Chicago-based Passion House Coffee goes beyond tasting notes and origins to make the experience of selecting coffee approachable to even the most unversed of coffee drinkers. The end result: finding and falling in love with a coffee you may not have tried otherwise.… read the full review

Wholesome Digs

30% off

Wholesome Digs, a company started last year by a Seattle couple, sources eco-friendly serving boards, kitchen utensils, and more from artisans internationally.… read the full review