Partner Plate: 30% off brunch or lunch at The Pikey— Former Spotted Pig chef doles out upscale pub grub

By Pete Dalis

The Pikey
Blokes and blarneys aside, there’s some serious brunchtime cuisine going down at Ralph Johnson’s pubbish bistro, the Pikey. The seven-time Michelin-starred NYC Spotted Pig alum took the 73-year old Hollywood Brit-dive bar Ye Coach & Horses and created a masterful menagerie of UK tradition and tantalizing pan-European twists. Crisp brioche textures abound in unique adaptations of traditional favorites curry on toast and the syrupy, salty, and downright splendid egg in the hole with house-smoked bacon. The thrice-cooked crispy chips (boiled, baked, and fried) are probably the best fries in LA, accompanying a mesmerizingly flavorful Worcestershire-laden beef burger. And yes, there’s even house-made ricotta ravioli here that cannot be missed. Wash it down with a ginger-infused minge (tongue-in-cheek, of course), or the bloodiest of Marys, and you may be shocked to find no fog in your walk outside.

the crowd

It’s just east of the Sunset strip: post-Saturday night revelers, java-guzzling screenwriters, fish and chip lovers from the homeland, and out-of-towners who somehow stumbled in.

... on the side

eye for design
Three rooms comprise The Pikey: first, the old pub vibe with seven decades of tradition; second, a naturally-lit East Coast bistro with brass rails, green booths, mini greenhoused ceilings, and potted terraced plants; and third, a second bar featuring seven paintings of India’s finest sultans. Hugh Grant’s mugshot greets you during the transition… why not?

on the stereo
A hub of free-loving Reggae.


Mon–Fri 11:45 AM–2 AM; Sat–Sun 11 AM–2 AM

price range

$4 (smoked bar nuts) to $16 (grilled Mary’s chicken)