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Court Street Grocers

NYC’s short list of proper breakfast sandwiches under $7

By Erik Mathes

Whether you’re in need of fuel for the tough day of work ahead or searching for the miracle cure for a horrendous hangover, nothing beats a breakfast sandwich. Some New Yorkers prefer the bodega classic of bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll; others demand more interesting takes with unexpected accoutrements. Either way, most everybody can agree that shelling out more than seven bucks is a major dealbreaker. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best breakfast sandwiches in the city for $7 or less—and here are eight that made the cut.

Court Street Grocers
Dubbed simply the “Breakfast Sandwich,” CSG’s rendition of the classic combines soft scrambled eggs, Cheddar cheese, and arugula on ciabatta delivered fresh from locally renowned Balthazar Bakery. While it sounds like one of those snooty breakfast sandwiches that cost upward of $10, CSG slings this gourmet creation for a mere $6. You can find it in the Village or in Brooklyn’s Red Hook and Carroll Gardens neighborhoods.
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village, Red Hook, and Carroll Gardens MAP

The Picnic Basket
If you’re in the Fashion District and in need of a fashionably affordably breakfast sandwich, head straight to The Picnic Basket. For under $5, you can score the Med Egg, a Mediterranean breakfast sandwich stuffed into a pita with egg omelet, hummus, and chopped salad. Feel like adding ham or cheese? Go for it—it’ll still come out to under $7. You can also score an egg sandwich on croissant or brioche with plum tomatoes and a touch of house dressing for under $6.
Neighborhood: Midtown MAP

Egg Shop

Egg Shop
Now here’s a place that takes breakfast sandwiches so seriously that you have to search the menu for anything under $7. But we did find something: the custom egg and cheese, featuring soft scrambled or sunny side up eggs (or egg whites, if that’s your thing) with Vermont white Cheddar, Gruyère, Pecorino, or feta, served on panini roll, rye toast, or multigrain. But that’s not all. You’re also given a choice between chipotle Bourbon ketchup, chimichurri relish, caperberry mustard, maple syrup, hot sauce, tomato jam, or caramelized onion aïoli as the finishing touch on this gourmet breakfast sandwich, all for just $7.
Neighborhood: Nolita MAP

This popular Union Square–area gem is known for Mediterranean street food, and its five $6-and-under breakfast sandwiches will make any indecisive eater shudder because of how crave-worthy they sound. We recommend the shakshuka, consisting of eggs cooked in a hearty tomato ragout with tahini and cilantro in a pita. Or opt for the “sabich-OMG,” an Israeli- and Iraqi-inspired pita sandwich with fried eggplant, hardboiled egg, chopped salad, tahini, and amba, a pickled mango condiment popular in the Middle East that’s similar to mango chutney.
Neighborhood: Union Square MAP

With three Manhattan locations, Bite is the place you want to be when you’re craving an organic egg sandwich. For just $4, Bite offers a combination of organic eggs and plum tomatoes on toasted brioche with a touch of their special spicy sauce. There’s also a Middle Eastern variation of the egg sandwich, with hummus, hot sauce, and chopped salad with organic eggs for under $5.
Neighborhood: NoHo, Flatiron, and Union Square MAP

Sunny and Annie Gourmet Deli

Sunny and Annie Gourmet Deli
When a 24-hour bodega in Alphabet City earns a spot on a best breakfast sandwich list, you know it has to be special. And Sunny and Annie’s certainly is. With an old-school setup, including a classic griddle with years of egg sandwich flavor cooked into it, this is a spot where you’ll find any kind of breakfast sandwich you’d ever crave—bacon, ham, or sausage with any style eggs and a variety of cheeses—all for under $3.
Neighborhood: Alphabet City MAP

Telegraphe Café
If you’re fiending breakfast when in Chelsea, look no further than this family-owned espresso bar on West 18th Street. Here, you’ll find an assortment of breakfast sandwiches under $7, including prosciutto, egg, and cheese and salmon, egg, and cheese sandwiches served on a croissant, bagel, or multigrain hero for $5.60 each. For a quarter less, you can score a veggie, egg, and cheese sandwich, and for just $4.70, you can grab an avocado and egg salad sandwich to start your day right.
Neighborhood: Chelsea MAP

One look at the menu at Shopsins, and you know you’re in for an interesting LES eating experience. Note the “fried spaghetti with meatball ratatouille” near the top of the first page, and the “stuffed slutty pancake sandwiches” on page two—and no, those aren’t typos! For breakfast, Shopsins has you covered in the under-$7 breakfast sandwich category in the form of its egg and cheese on round focaccia and egg and cheese biscuit, for just $6 each. They may not be the most compelling items on the menu, especially when there’s a section for something called “blisters on my sisters” and “The Ten Commandment Sandwich,” but if you’re on a breakfast budget, Shopsins $6 sandwiches surely satisfy.
Neighborhood: Lower East Side MAP

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