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Prohibition Bakery


Learn to bake boozy cupcakes with the best of them

By Erik Mathes

We all have our vices. For many, it’s delicious sweets and in moderation, there aren’t many things that can surpass cupcakes in terms of satisfaction.

Enter Brooke Siem and Leslie Feinberg, co-founders of Prohibition Bakery. Meeting on a trip to Israel in 2011, they bonded over their shared love of baking. With Feinberg’s background as a bartender and Siem’s training from the Institute of Culinary Education, the two embarked on a venture that has made a lasting mark on the lives of anyone who’s ever been enamored with sugar and alcohol: The business of boozy cupcakes. After launching a successful Kickstarter campaign, they opened their storefront in 2012.

Prohibition’s fusion of fluffy cupcakes and fancy cocktails—and even craft beers—has taken NYC by storm, with creative combinations like “Pretzels & Beer,” “Scotch & Cigar”, and the scary-sounding (but quite tasty) “Blood & Smoke.” While you absolutely should try every last one of these, wouldn’t it be even more amazing if you could learn how to replicate Leslie and Brooke’s boozy cupcakes yourself? Well, now you can.
The owners of Prohibition Bakery are sharing their secrets in two special classes for a select group of BBE subscribers. Only six tickets will be sold for each class (held on Mondays February 22 and 29, when the bakery is closed), and each guest will have the opportunity to bake a dozen of their own cupcakes based on recipes from the new Prohibition Bakery cookbook—in flavors like Car Bomb, Mulled Wine, and Hot Buttered Rum. It’s an amazing chance to amp up your boozy baking skills while getting some pro tips and invaluable expert feedback.

Of course, you’ll also get to take home all the treats you can’t finish chowing down on in class. And if you already own their cookbook, bring it along and Leslie and Brooke will even sign your copy for you.

BBE Exclusive Boozy Cupcake Baking Class with Leslie Feinberg and Brooke Siem ($60 per person)

when: Monday, February 22, 7 PM–8 PM, or Monday, February 29, 7 PM–8 PM
where: 9 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002

  • Students will each bake a dozen boozy cupcakes.
  • You take home everything you don’t devour in class.
  • Make sure to wear comfortable clothing that you won’t mind messing up.
  • Also, please bring a head covering (hat, bandana, or scarf).
  • Participants must be 21 or older to attend.

  • hours

    Tue–Thu 11 AM–8 PM; Fri–Sat 11 AM–9 PM; Sun noon–6 PM
    Closed Monday