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The Cobbler at The Betty Chicago (Photo credit: Eric Kleinberg)


The Prima Donna at GreenRiver Chicago

Drink This Now: 8 cocktails to try in Chicago right now

We know—you just started drinking rosé, sangria, and boozy snow cones and now the leaves are starting to fall and you’re searching your closest for shirts with sleeves. Yes, summer is officially over, but that doesn’t mean the imbibing needs to stop; this is Chicago after all. Catch dibs on some of these fall-inspired cocktails hitting bar menus around town.

The Whistler’s Spiced Negroni will whisk you into fall
Negroni’s are for summer you say? Not if you infuse them with cinnamon and star anise, like the guys over at The Whistler. Inspired by owner Billy Helmkamp’s homemade concoction, this spiced negroni will be making its debut on The Whistler’s menu this fall. PS: Don’t forget to congratulate them on a turning seven-years-old when you stop by.

The Betty Chicago serves up a seasonal variation on their hit, The Cobbler
Chicago Tribune called The Betty’s Cobbler one of the best summer drinks this year. For fall, they’re trading the strawberries and rhubarb in the sherry-based cocktail for pisco and peach nectarine shrub (a fruit syrup made from fruit, sugar, and vinegar). It’s still served over crushed ice, so if you’re of the “summer isn’t over until the boots come out” camp, this is right up your non-committal alley.

The Prima Donna at GreenRiver Chicago is sure to turn heads
The newest Chicago spot from the people at Union Square Hospitality (Gramercy Tavern) is ushering in pomegranate season, and spicing things up at the same time, with the Prima Donna. This cascabel pepper–infused, whiskey-based cocktail mixes sumac syrup, pomegranate juice, and burlesque bitters—a bitter that is sweet, spicy, and a little bit tart—before getting a sugar, salt, and sumac powder half-rim.

A tip of the hat to the state of Maine with the Susan Collins at Drumbar Chicago
No part of the country does fall quite like New England, and Drumbar bar manager Whitney Morrow has captured the spirit of her home state of Maine with the Susan Collins. This homage to the Pine Tree State blends rye whiskey, Lapsang Souchong black tea, maple, and sage-infused dry vermouth topped with an Allagash beer foam.

The Harvest at Celeste Chicago is a sweet and spicy ode to autumn
A cocktail lover’s dream, this four-story River North bar has come up with the perfect drink for fall, combining Cognac with two of the season’s signature ingredients: cinnamon syrup and, wait for it, apple butter.

The Duck Out at The Duck Inn
For some of us, the end of summer means prepping for winter. If you think that means enjoying the cocktail equivalent of sinking yourself into a leather couch next to a fire, then you’re looking for The Duck Out. Park VS Cognac is infused with duck fat drippings, then combined with sherry and a Chinese five-spice syrup. You’ll get more of that duck fat on the nose, so fear not, duck fat is your friend here.

Find your way into The Barrelhouse Flat for the Diplomatic Immunity
Traditional bar etiquette says you shouldn’t discuss politics while you drink, but the Diplomatic Immunity on The Barrelhouse Flat’s new fall menu begs to differ. Blending mescal, apple brandy, and sherry—three liquors that likely never imagined they’d swim in the same glass—with apricot liqueur and house cinnamon bitters, this September surprise can be quite convincing. Just don’t keep it waiting for you; the menu only lasts until October.

Warm your soul with Bavarian Coffee at Table, Donkey, Stick
You like pumpkin spiced lattes, I like pumpkin spiced lattes. There, we said it. But if you’re looking for a spiked coffee that can still surprise you—because any drop in temperature means we spike our coffee, right?—Table, Donkey and Stick has a Bavarian-inspired hot drink for you that includes walnut liqueur, Cointreau, and cream.

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