Hawaiian hot sauce that’s earned top marks across the country

By Maryse Chevriere

There’s working hard and doing well in school, and then there’s working hard and crushing it—so much that your little school project turns into a majorly successful, nationally acclaimed business. That’s basically the story of Adoboloco, the Hawaiian-made hot sauce brand that The Huffington Post named one of the “best hot sauces to cure Sriracha fatigue.”

Back in 2011, Adoboloco founder Tim Parsons started a garden with his wife and children as part of a homeschool project. The garden flourished, and suddenly the family found themselves with a lot of ripe jalapeños to make use of. The solution? Hot sauce, obviously.

What started out as simply a tasty, homemade condiment to have around to share with family, friends, and neighbors quickly became a highly in-demand table staple for all that tried it.

Modeled after traditional Hawaiian “chili pepper water”—a simple style of condiment based on chiles, apple cider vinegar, sea salt and garlic—Adoboloco has gained a loyal following for its flavor-forward, 100 percent natural hot sauces that only use four to five ingredients. The current lineup includes a selection of five different hot sauces ranging from the mild Jalapeño ($9.99 for a 5 fl oz bottle) to the change-your-life-spicy Hamajang Smoked Ghost Pepper ($14.99), as well as a sweet-savory Hawaiian Barbecue Sauce ($12.99). You can purchase bottles individually, or, better yet, put together your own three pack, to make sure you always have something on-hand to satisfy every heat-tolerance level.

If this doesn’t count as getting an “A” for effort, nothing does.

Word on the street

  • Food-loving celebrity influencer (and all-around badass momma whose opinion you just can’t not trust), Chrissy Tiegen, gave a shout-out to Adoboloco Hot Sauce in a recent Instagram story, calling it one of the “10 best hot sauces in the world.”
  • Speaking of celebrities, Adoboloco brought the heat on every episode of season five of the online web series “Hot Ones,” where big names like Charlize Theron and Alton Brown got to enjoy a taste of their Hamajang Kiawe Smoked Ghost Pepper sauce.
  • According to Bon Appétit, who featured the brand in their July 2014 grilling issue, Adoboloco hot sauces “rock” and are “a perfect match for grilling, BBQ, grilled vegetables, burgers, steak, and pretty much anything.”
  • In a feature on the best brunch spots in Honolulu, Thrillist was impressed that all the tables at Waikiki’s Mahina & Sun’s came stocked with a bottle of Adoboloco hot sauce.
  • In case you still had any doubts, Oprah.com also included Adoboloco hot sauce in a list of their most delicious hostess gifts.

Pairing Party

Given how serious the folks at Adoboloco are about their big-flavor, minimal-ingredient sauces, it should come as no surprise that they’ve got some pretty interesting recommendations for what to pair with each variety. The sweet Pineapple Habanero is an obvious accompaniment to pulled pork sliders and pork chops, but apparently it’s also unexpectedly awesome drizzled over a wheel of sharp, tangy chèvre—or a pizza. And their “extremely hot” Maui No Ka Oi? That’s what you want to (cautiously) dash over your chow fun noodles, ramen, or fried rice. You can find all these creative, helpful suggestions and more on their website under the Food Pairing and Ingredients section.