A bottle of wine and the best pizza in the city—eating at home doesn’t get any better

Here’s one that needs no introduction: If you eat pizza in LA, or maybe anywhere, the name Mozza makes your mouth water. Over the past decade, the pizza empire has racked up critical raves from basically anyone who’s opened their mouth, whether it’s the Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, or your aunt in Singapore, where they also have a location.

It’s also no secret that this sterling reputation is built on the culinary genius of co-owner Nancy Silverton. The James Beard Award–winning chef has worked her magic on everything from grilled cheese to gelato, though it’s her years spent growing the iconic La Brea Bakery that led to the creation of her singularly special pizza dough, made with rye flour and malt.

So if you weren’t already craving pizza, you are now. And sure, you could always head to the original Mozza location on Melrose, but you didn’t make a reservation months ago. Which is why everyone from the LA Times to your aunt (but not the one in Singapore) is happy that Mozza2Go exists.

BBE subscribers have it even better, because Mozza2Go is offering you an exclusive dinner package that runs just $49. Choose any two pizzas from the menu (add $2 for Meat Lovers, burrata, or funghi misti) and add a bottle of red or white wine. An order of burrata is packed separately to ensure freshness, and a note on the box reminds you to not even think about putting one of these wood-fired pies in the microwave. To top it off, the BBE exclusive includes Mozza’s famed butterscotch budino. A sprinkling of sea salt and a dollop of whipped crème fraîche complete a simple yet perfect dessert that LA Weekly named one of their 100 favorite dishes in all of Los Angeles.

Just call or order online, choose your pickup time, and you’re all set—even during peak hours. Before you know it you’ll be settling back to indulge in the comfort of your own abode. Simple as that.

BBE exclusive package ($49)

2 pizzas (add $2 each for Meat Lovers, Burrata, or Funghi Misti)
1 butterscotch budino
1 bottle of red or white wine


Mon–Fri 11 AM–10 PM; Sat–Sun noon–10 PM

price range

$11 (aglio olio pizza) to $20 (burrata pizza)