Oregon Growers and Shippers – Pumpkin, Cranberry and Sweet Potato jam OH MY @ 30% off

By Anne Zimmerman

True confession: I once ate an entire jar of Oregon Growers and Shippers vanilla-pear butter by the spoonful. Not even the crustiest bread was a good enough vehicle for consumption—only a spoon would do. You may find yourself in a similar position soon. And why not? This isn’t the sticky, sugary Smucker’s of your youth. This is quality Oregon fruit, purchased directly from the farmers who grew it, and minimally processed to allow the characteristic flavor of each ingredient to shine. Sweet potatoes, apples, and molasses are combined into a silky sweet potato butter that can be applied to nearly anything. Try it on morning treats like pancakes and toast, meaty lunchtime sandwiches, or to dress up the goat cheese on your evening cracker. Cranberry-apple relish, with cranberries from Oregon bogs, is laced with orange zest and autumn spice. Eat it with grilled sausages, roasted chicken or turkey, or on top of a hunk of vintage white cheddar. The flavors are so pure you may be tempted to ditch the jar and pass the contents off as your own creation this Thanksgiving. We’ll never tell.

jam session: more than just a holiday toast

Pair preserves with cheese for a pre-holiday party platter that will wow guests with sweet and savory flavors (adapted from: Oregon Growers and Shippers Blog)

Dab Oregon Growers Sweet Potato Butter on a coin of chevre, or top goat cheese with cranberry-pear preserves.

Try a Triple Crème with tart cherry-zinfindel preserves.

Serve slices of white cheddar with cranberry-apple relish.