Secret Squirrel Cold Brew—30% off simply the best at-home iced coffee

By Zach Brooks

If you are the kind of person who likes to argue the merits of cold brew vs. iced pour-over, then it's likely you have the gear (and the patience) to brew your own iced coffee at home. Those of us who don't have our own Kyoto-style drip set can seek comfort in bottles of Secret Squirrel Cold Brew. Made from fair trade, organic coffee beans soaked in water for 18-24 hours, a bottle of 16 oz. Secret Squirrel can make anywhere from 6-10 cups of coffee depending on how strong you like it. You can mix it with hot water to bring out some of the subtle acidity, but it is at its best when enjoyed over ice with milk and some simple syrup. Follow the instructions on the back (one part concentrate, plus two parts milk or water if you like your coffee black… super simple) and you'll never have to suffer through a watery iced coffee ever again. Pour-over enthusiasts might tell you what Secret Squirrel isn't, but I'll tell you what it is: the easiest way to a perfect glass of iced coffee. Oh, and it doesn't taste too bad over ice cream either.

mocha milkshakes, anyone?

Iced coffee is a no-brainer at breakfast on a hot day, but it can be pressed into service for dessert, too. Mix up a pitcher of Secret Squirrel, dole out tall glasses for all your friends, scoop in some chocolate ice cream, and boom—iced mocha milkshakes. Garnish with a slender rolled wafer cookie for crunch.