Whole Spice — 30% off "tools" to travel the world in your kitchen

By Anne Zimmerman

Yes, Whole Spice sells rosemary and thyme. But the lure of those ubiquitous spices pale in comparison to more exotic offerings like dukkah (an Egyptian blend), Moroccan-style harissa mix, and zahtar, an herb in a spice mix used in Turkey and throughout North Africa. The colors and fragrances of the Whole Spice catalog beguile, and the names—Ethiopian Berbere Spice, Zhug-Hot Dipping Blend—inspire encyclopedic searches and forays into favorite collections on global cuisine. But it’s not just the appellations that are special; all of these spices are ground-to-order. The colorful containers that arrive at your door are fresh and aromatic, perfect for salting, sweetening, rubbing, or jazzing up whatever’s for supper

Currying flavor

African cooking is complex, spicy, and largely influenced by India and neighboring Arab states. We substituted an African curry for regular old Madras curry in this recipe for bobotie, a favorite South African dish.