New York City's Finest Bloody Marys

Photo Credit: Douglas Young

In October 1934, Fernand Petiot, the bartender at the King Cole Bar in New York City, threw together tomato juice and vodka and sprinkled a bit of salt, pepper, lemon and Worcestershire Sauce in the glass. The Bloody Mary—or as he named it, the “Red Snapper”—was born. Today, there are countless variations on the theme; here are five Big Apple spots where you can drink a great Bloody Mary on the 80th birthday of America’s favorite brunch beverage.

Jacob’s Pickles
Breakfast is served. That is, in a mason jar along with tomato juice and Tito’s peppercorn vodka, all topped with a jalapeño-pickled egg and Sterling bacon. That’s bacon and eggs they way we like ‘em.

Maison Premiere
When is a Bloody Mary not a Bloody Mary? When it comes with shrimp and a raw oyster (still in the shell) on top. Such is the case with the "Bloody Caesar" at oyster-centric Maison Premiere in Williamsburg. But, yes, it is a Bloody Mary—and a seriously good one at that.

Prune, famous for its hearty brunches, pours up a virtual vegetable garden in a glass. Along with the usual BM standards the glass is topped with a skewer crammed with Brussels sprouts, green beans, radishes, caperberries, and turnips—just in case you needed some veggies to offset your guilt from day drinking.

The Spotted Pig
It’s no surprise the Spotted Pig’s take on the classic cocktail is loaded with ample doses of hearty goodness. Made with house-infused holland chili-black pepper vodka, the drink is then garnished with house-pickled vegetables, a large dollop of fresh grated horseradish and a celery salt rim.

King Cole Bar
At the recently revamped King Cole Bar you can sip this juicy beverage in the place it was reportedly first conceived. It’s called the Red Snapper, and it’s as classic as they come. Just make sure you’ve got either an expense account or a thick wallet—the drink will set you back $24.

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