A food-forward guide to our favorite wallet-friendly brunch spots

Truthfully, it’s not hard to find a good brunch in Chicago. You can stumble upon a bottomless mimosa and breakfast skillet in almost any neighborhood. What’s more difficult, however, is finding those hidden gems—places that serve some of the best eggs, pancakes, and pastries around, yet are still affordable. We’ve rounded up a half dozen spots to spend your next weekend morning that won’t break the bank. And you can still have your mimosa.

Flo takes a cue from Wilma for a unique take on a brunch staple
If you ever hear a friend raving about something called Fruity Pebbles French toast, chances are that dish came straight from the Flo kitchen. Although the Noble Square restaurant advertises its fare as Southwest-Mexican, you’ll find a whole lot more on their brunch menu besides huevos rancheros—though they have those, too. And they're awesome.
Menu must: Fruity Pebbles French toast: $10

3rd Coast soothes your brunch cravings at any hour
This neighborhood secret may label itself as a wine bar, but it's the food that keeps the place packed. They also serve breakfast any time, which makes brunch, lunch, and dinner the perfect time for their veggie hash or freshly baked scones. While you’re there, take a breather from your meal to check out the walls—they always showcase the best of local artwork.
Menu must: Veggie hash: $11

Serving up brunch both ways at Reno
Bagels and pizza go together like... well, they don't really, but as the restaurant's two main features, they sure do make Reno appealing to every type of craving. Start your brunch with a wood-fired poppy seed bagel with house-made artichoke schmear, and finish up with Reno's spicy breakfast pizza.
Menu must: Breakfast pizza: $13

Victory's Banner waves the flag for the ultimate vegetarian brunch
Exceptional vegetarian and vegan fare is hard to come by in Chicago, but Victory's Banner is absolutely helping to fill that culinary void. Scanning a menu of everything from egg and sausage bagel sandwiches—made with fresh soy sausage—to their award-winning French toast, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike will find it difficult to choose just one dish.
Menu must: Egg and sausage bagel sandwich: $8.75

Mexican favorites and American classics at Frontera Grill
Rick Bayless's River North restaurant is well known as one of the best Mexican restaurants in Chicago, but did you know they also have a killer brunch menu? Much of the classic main menu is offered during brunch, but with the addition of dishes like chilaquiles and Frontera hot cakes. And don't forget an order of guac for the table.
Menu must: Chilaquiles with guajilo or tomatillo sauce: $12

Batter & Berries—the wait is worth it
Like so many brunch spots in Chicago, Batter & Berries doesn't take reservations—and they don't need to. Nearly every weekend, you'll find locals and newbies alike waiting outside for their chance to try one of the inventive brunch items on the menu. Once you make it inside, check out the lemon French toast, made with fresh brioche. For something more savory, look to the deconstructed omelets, all of which come with fresh, crispy hash browns.
Menu must: Lemon French toast: $10

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