6 Greek feasts for under $25

Chicago is a haven for lovers of Greek food, and let’s face it: In this town, you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to get a meal that makes you want to say “Opa!” Here are our favorite spots to get an epic Greek feast that won’t break the bank.

This spot is a bit easy to miss, as it’s off the main Greektown drag on Adams, but once you find it, you’ll definitely keep coming back. It’s a cozy restaurant with an open seafood counter and a wood-burning fireplace, and it’s the perfect spot for a quiet lunch. Grab the chicken santorini, a marinated, tomato sauce–drenched half chicken for just $13. Then throw in some taramosalata—Greek caviar spread, and only $6—to finish off the meal.

Taxim is a bit more on the upscale side of things, with a reputation for it’s innovative take on Greek cuisine—rather than its huge plates of gyros. That said, you can still get a pretty incredible dinner for a not-so-incredible amount of money. Order a brace of grilled quail, served with grilled hot peppers, almond aivar, and smoked fish corn cakes for just $21. Or, if you want to make a meal out of small plates, don’t miss the Politika mydia, a dish of beer-battered fried mussels served with tahini that will only run you $10.

Athenian Room
This Lincoln Park restaurant is reputed (at least according to a famous viral video) to be the favorite Greek spot of Tina Fey, from back when she was a poor performer at Second City. It always gets rave reviews, both for the chicken and for the amazing prices. For $11, you can get a roast chicken served kalamata style, with tossed salad, Greek fries, and bread and butter. In fact, you don’t even need another suggestion—just get that.

Gyros on the Spit
One version or another of this Lakeview spot has been serving up gyros since 1973, so you know they’ve got it down pat. While they do in fact have a full menu, just look at the name—you’re here for the shaved meats. The traditional house-made gyros, served with onions, tomato, and tzatziki, plus side options, is just $10, and if you want a plate piled high with extra fixins’, you’ll only be out $12.

Athena is the fanciest looking restaurant in Greektown, mostly because it was recently rebuilt after a massive fire. They did an incredible job, creating a space that is modern, airy, bright, and yet still feels at home in Greektown. Luckily, the prices stayed right. You’ll want to get the braised lamb, served on the bone with tomato sauce, rice, and potato. It’s just like your imaginary Greek grandma used to make, and it only will set you back $18.

The Parthenon
One of the oldest, best restaurants in Greektown, the Parthenon is also a surprisingly good bargain. If you’re a fan of gyros, they’ve got a great plate for just $10. Freshly sliced off the spit, it’s more than a single human could ever eat. Pair it with some flaming saganaki, a twist they claim to have invented ($6) and you’re set for the night.

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