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  • 1. for sweet (and free) delicious deals.
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We Rub You (photo credit: Brent Taylor)


La Boîte's Moruno No. 21 (photo credit: Thomas Schauer)

The secret sauces—and rubs—for killing it on the grill

A few turns on a hot grill has a magical effect on almost any cooked food, but often the secret is in the sauce—or the rub. So here are some unique ways to kick everything to the next level—from smoked brisket to duck, and charred tofu to pineapple.

Add an exotic, earthy touch to seafood with World Spice Merchants' Calico Fish Rub
From Seattle-based World Spice Merchants comes a unique blend of tart purple sumac, mild red chiles, bright green dill weed, nutty black sesame, and earthy Hawaiian sea salt. Created for grilled salmon, this delicate yet insistent rub works equally well for everything from mahi mahi to halibut. Nestled below Pike Place Market on the Seattle waterfront, World Spice Merchants has been a hub of flavor exploration since 1995.
$4 per 2 oz. bag

Lillie’s Q Hot Mess will clean your clock
Created by Chicago’s award-winning Lillie’s Q restaurant, this hot sauce starts with Lillie’s Hot Pepper Vinegar, which marinates with pickled cayenne peppers for five days. Once extracted, the remaining peppers leave behind—quite literally—a hot mess. Also made with pimientos, cane sugar vinegar, and dried Scotch bonnet peppers, this tongue tingler is great slathered on steak, ribs, shrimp, fish, or veggies. Like their restaurant menu, Lillie’s Q’s beloved line of sauces and rubs each pay homage to the deep-rooted barbeque traditions of specific Southern regions.
$8 per 16 oz. bottle

We Rub You’s Spicy Korean BBQ sauce does it all
All good Korean BBQ starts with a delicious marinade. And this sweet-hot sauce, blending spicy gochujang with non-GMO soy sauce, apple juice, garlic, and ginger, does double-duty as both a marinade and BBQ sauce for everything from pork chops to cod. Slather it on chicken wings, or mix it with ground beef for Asian-inspired burgers on the grill. Made in the USA, We Rub You’s sauce line is made without MSG or high fructose corn syrup and as an added bonus, they're fairly easy to find. Check out their website for a list of local retailers to get your hands on this sauce.
$8 per 15 oz. bottle online, pricing at retail locations vary

La Boîte strikes a magical blend with Moruno No. 21
From world-renowned Manhattan spice shop La Boîte comes this traditional pintxo moruno spice blend, which combines lemony coriander and earthy cumin with delicately fragrant saffron. While great on meat, fish, or sausage, it is particularly delicious on grilled vegetables. Try anisey fennel, or mix a few spoonfuls with olive oil and marinate slices of haloumi or paneer cheese in it before grilling. Longtime spice blender and chef Lior Lev Sercarz sources the best spices from around the world for this and his other one-of-a-kind spice blends.
$15 per 1.75 ounce jar

Bring some sea and sun to your surf and turf with Bourbon-smoked sea salt from Bourbon Barrel Foods
Founded in 2006, Bourbon Barrel Foods offers small batch-crafted smoked spices, artisan sugars, gourmet sauces and marinades that incorporate the innovative use of bourbon barrels. This one, made with solar-evaporated, all-natural sea salt that’s aged in bourbon barrels, offers a uniquely smoky hit that enhances all things grilled. Try it on salmon, steak, avocado, or even pineapple.
$9 per 5oz. tin

Answer the call of the wild with Blackberry Lavender Sauce by Terra Verde Foods
Attention all wild game lovers: This is the sauce for you. A blend of seedless blackberries, cane sugar, sweet Reisling wine, spicy ginger, and fragrant lavender, it’s the perfect marinade or glaze for grilled duck, quail, or venison. Of course, it is equally succulent on domesticated fare, be it chicken, beef, or pork. And while you wait for the grill to heat up, swirl a few teaspoons of this sauce into a frozen margarita for a unique take on summer’s favorite drink. Family-owned Terra Verde Foods offers specialty foods hand made in small batches from generations-old recipes.
$8.75 per 13 oz. bottle

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