Valentine's Day pressies for people with crazy good taste

By Amy Sherman

February is approaching and love is in the air, but this year, skip the ho-hum bonbons in favor of something a whole lot better. Founded by some serious lovers of dark and dreamy goodness, Ticket Chocolate offers a wide variety of tantalizing chocolate confections to get passionate about, including their signature “hot chocolate on a stick.”

For Valentine’s Day, choose Ticket Chocolate Sticks individually or in a three-pack, in either Belgian Chocolate or French Truffle, with conversation hearts to add a sweet hint of nostalgia. Or express your feelings tastefully with a trio of Salted Caramel, Vanilla Mint, and French Truffle, sans candy hearts. When your darling swirls one of Ticket Chocolate’s signature Hot Chocolate Ticket Sticks into a mug of steaming milk, they’ll be experiencing the best hot chocolate ever.

Nothing says “hot stuff” better than the Valentine Love Mug Gift Kit, featuring a classic bone china heart mug, Hot Chocolate Ticket Sticks in French Dark Truffle and Belgian Milk, with conversation hearts as well as four fresh, fluffy, all-natural marshmallows, flecked with real vanilla. It’s all tied up in a box with a satin bow and a heart-stamped coaster.

Beloved Bars are another way to sweetly say “be mine,” in uniquely tantalizing combinations, including Waffle Pecan, with bits of waffle, maple and nuts, and Grasshopper Pie bar, with crunchy dark chocolate cookies enrobed in minty creamy milk chocolate but no actual grasshoppers. The chocolate barks are as pretty as they are delicious; try them in Coconut Almond, Lemon Lavender, or Raspberry Vanilla.

Designed for sharing, the Gourmet S’mores Kits come in deluxe flavors including Spring Lemon, Dulce de Leche, and Peppermint. Each kit comes with fresh, fluffy flavored gourmet marshmallows, handcrafted Graham crackers, and of course that divine chocolate.

Last but not least, if you’re looking for something a bit more permanent, a personalized Hot Chocolate Silverplate Spoon is just the thing. It can be hand stamped with a message and dipped in chocolate. Just like you, it’s sure to melt hearts.

Word on the street

  • Ticket Chocolate’s S’mores kits were featured in Food & Wine.
  • Cooking Light included Ticket Chocolate in the list of Best Artisanal Food Gifts.
  • The Hot Chocolate on a Stick was featured in the LA Times.
  • The International Chocolate Salon included Ticket Chocolate in their list of Best Chocolatiers of the Year 2017.

Cocoa Nibs

  • The name Ticket Chocolate comes from the idea of “chocolate that will send you.”
  • Ticket Chocolate uses only cacao from farmers who use sustainable growing methods and who offer positive working conditions.
  • S’mores Kits can be made in the kitchen—no need for a fire pit!
  • Ticket Chocolate confections are made with all-natural flavorings and do not contain any high fructose corn syrup or partially hydrogenated oil.