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This little piggy went to the best (online) markets

Sure there are farmers’ markets to keep tabs on, and your local co-op or food shop does come in handy when you searching for organic fare. But with the handful of online food shopping destinations detailed below, you can have everything from small-batch food purveyors to the best foie gras this side of the Seine River, all without leaving your seat.

Italy from A to Z at Ditalia
Waiting for Eataly open near you? Fuggetaboutit! Ditalia has everything you’d want from there, and more. With just a click, you can get luscious prosciutto, pappardelle with chili peppers, and authentic pesto alla Genovese.

La Tienda brings all your Spanish cravings a whole lot closer
Want to indulge in all things Iberian, but without getting on a big jet plane to fly across the Atlantic? We thought so. This online marketplace hawks everything from succulent jamón Ibérico to bottles of crisp Albariño to wheels of Manchego cheese.

The great people at Good Eggs hook your up with the best farms
Emphasizing locally sourced goods, Good Eggs focuses on forging relationships with family-run farms and food purveyors. They then puts all the products in one spot—their website—for you to peruse. It’s like being at a local farmers market, just minus the pulsing summer sun.

D’Artagnan spells decadent with a capital D
Veteran purveyor of luxurious provisions, D’Artagnan is the go-to for silky pâté, unctuous foie gras, freshly unearthed truffles, chunky pheasant terrine, and many more gourmet products—all from natural, free range, and organic sources.

Live large by keeping things small with Farm to People
This family-owned online market specializes in selling the products of small-batch artisanal producers. Here you can nab everything from Legally Addictive’s Wake & Baked granola (which really is addictively good), to bacon marmalade by Eat This, to jars of curry sauerkraut.

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