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Wake up and smell the (small-batch) coffee

There are now so many third-wave coffee roasters sprinkled around the country that you have no excuse but to be sipping superior coffee in the morning—or all day. Here are a handful of great coffee roasters offering high-quality java for sale online.

Café Grumpy
Brooklyn-based Café Grumpy may be a hipster mecca (and the occasional set of HBO’s “Girls”), but it also roasts up some of the best beans this side of Seattle. From Heartbreaker Espresso, a blend of beans from Ethiopia and El Salvador, to the caramel-and-almond-accented Aragon, Grumpy’s coffees never fail to bring cheer to the morning.

Heart Roasters
We heart this Portland-based company for their global perspective on coffee. Founded by a husband-and-wife team, Heart Roasters specializes in beans that are developed to the point of bringing out the true flavor of coffee, and it's delicious.

Onyx Coffee
Roasting in small batches, this Arkansas-based coffee roaster treats its beans like precious jewels. On Onyx’s site, you can choose delicately roasted beans sourced from locations like Kenya and Columbia. If it’s too hard to just pick one, you can also buy a sampler pack, offering four different bags (four ounces each) of java.

Sightglass Coffee
Based in San Francisco, Sightglass is a sibling-owned coffee setup that sells beans that are lightly roasted, allowing the natural flavor of the beans to emerge.

Ceremony Coffee Roasters
Sourcing the best Arabica beans from four different continents, Annapolis-based Ceremony sells a rotating menu of varieties on its site, including the Nueva Linda, from Chiapas Mexico, which offers subtle hints of pistachio and date on the palate.

Novo Coffee
This family-run Denver-based company uses a classic Vittoria roaster to roasts beans from places like Mexico and Sumatra, much to the delight of coffee lovers.

Kuma Coffee
What would a third-wave coffee round-up be without a roaster from Seattle? Kuma was founded by Mark Barany, who earned an appreciation for coffee while living in Kenya. Pick up a bag of single-origins Ethiopian or award-winning Red Bear espresso.

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