The walls are exposed brick, the table covers are butcher paper over white linen, and the menus are disposable sheaves folded down to the size of an index card. There’s nothing in the least bit fussy about Landmarc, which is part of what makes this Tribeca spot so appealing. Combine that with a menu designed to please—salads and pastas come in two sizes; steaks are accompanied by any of six sauces; miniature desserts are four bucks a pop (get all six for $16)—from a guy who’s cooked with Alain Ducasse and Sylvain Portay, and you can see why this two-story room bustles at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Chef-owner Marc Murphy calls his place a “contemporary French bistro with Italian influences”—he’d lived in Milan, Paris, Rome and Genoa all before the age of 12—and he turns out his niçoise salad, spaghetti Bolognese, and steaks béarnaise like a true man of the world. Oh, and then there’s the great deal on wine—a range of full and half bottles that are barely marked up at all.


11 AM - 11 PM daily
Upper West Side:
7 AM - 2 AM daily

price range

$15 (hamburger or chicken burger) to $38 (rib-eye steak)