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By Abigail Stone

Lusy's Mediterranean Cafe & Grill
It takes a minute for transplants and tourists to understand one important fact about LA's dining scene: The best food in the city is often found in hole-in-the-wall restaurants tucked into nondescript mini-malls. Lusy’s Mediterranean Café & Grill is no exception. Given that it’s only minutes from the Fashion Square Mall in Sherman Oaks, skip the mall’s ho-hum dining options and head instead to this quiet treasure on the southwest corner of Woodman and Victory.

Lusy's five-star reviews are no accident—the babaganoush, made smoky by eggplant grilled over an open flame, is a must. You can order it as part of a trio that includes a delicately flavored tsatziki and a scrumptious, freshly made hummus. If there are two or more people in your party, try ordering a plate each of the chicken and beef lula kebabs to share. Lusy’s sure hand with herbs—and her mastery of cooking over an open flame—creates succulent chicken and beef shish kebabs that would make any celebrity griller proud. Unlike the renditions of these dishes that you find in other places, here the meat is juicy and fork-tender. Another must? A tall glass of Lucy’s house-made iced tea, infused with cinnamon, cloves, and allspice. Like the rest of the menu, it’s refreshing, inexpensive, and exceptional. Just call it Mediterranean heaven on a dime.

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Lusy, the restaurant’s namesake and chef, learned to cook at home growing up in Armenia. Everything that comes out of the kitchen, from the hummus to the baklava, is made in-house and to order.



Mon–Thu 10 AM–8 PM; Fri–Sat 10 AM–9 PM

price range

$6.99 (salad) to $14.99 (entrée)