Partner Plate: The Anthem— Burger and beer combo ($8)

By Jennifer Worrell

The Anthem

Anna Knott

Straddling the border between Wicker Park and West Town is a great little joint that’s perfect for kicking back after a long stint at the daily grind. The Anthem is geared to sports fans—lockers behind the bar, football cards for wallpaper, and a TV the size of a small swimming pool—but the dark wood, copious candles, and string lights set up a little romantic vibe, too. Basic cheeseburgers can be great, but opt for the unexpected with the Juicy Lucy, a burger stuffed with Velveeta that oozes out with every bite. Topped with house-made horseradish pickles and caramelized onions, it’s the very definition of “less is more.” Paired with salt- and pepper-dusted fries and Revolution Brewing’s Anti-Hero IPA, it makes an epic game-day meal.

the crowd

Trendy young guys and their dates seem to be the majority at The Anthem, which attracts a lot of spillover from the bars in Wicker Park.

... on the side

on the stereo
During the early dinner hour, the sound was turned down on the TVs while the biggest hits of the 90s to the latest beats filled the air.

The decibel level rises as the crowd grows. It’s pretty low-key early in the evening, but a sports bar in this part of town? Come early to chat, later to cheer.


Mon–Fri 4 PM–2 AM; Sat 11 AM–3 AM; Sun 11 AM–2 AM

price range

$5 (waffle fries) to $17 (16 buffalo wings)