Brew your own craft beer at home

Ever dreamed of being a star at the Super Bowl? True, you no longer play football (did you ever?), and you’re no Black Eyed Pea when it comes to halftime hoopla. But imagine serving your own home brew on the Big Day—a signature, full-bodied beer to blow the weak, watery, mass-produced varieties out the barroom door. Brooklyn Brew brings the fantasy to life with a DIY kit containing every imaginable mix—from gingerbread ale to classic IPA—with detailed, easy-to-understand instructions. This is no plastic play set but the real deal, with a glass fermenting vessel and all the bells and whistles you need, and yet it’s still small enough to fit into a New York–size apartment. So serve your guests a tall glass of dark brown suds or something golden and light. Then take a bow. Just don’t block the TV.

Millions of Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Some 51.7 million cases of beer are sold each year during Super Bowl week. Soon, you can add to the statistics.