Snow's BBQ– the Best Little ’Cue Joint in Texas

Barbecue fans are a passionate bunch. In Texas, where barbecue means beef, fanatics stampede to Snow’s, in the tiny town of Lexington. And it’s not just the crazies; Snow’s was named the state’s best by Texas Monthly. And you don’t even have to be from the Lone Star State to agree they rate: the New Yorker has featured Snow’s, and Britain’s Guardian newspaper called it one of the 50 Best Things to Eat in the World. Once you taste the award-winning brisket or equally moist and tender ribs, you’ll be thankful you don’t have to get up early on a Saturday morning and stand in line (Snow’s is only open on Saturdays, from 8 AM to about 12 noon, when they’re often sold out). You can order it from bed, and it will show up at your door, whether you live in Brooklyn or Berkeley.

The Ballad of BBQ

We think the best way to learn about barbecue's many regional differences is by watching the video made by comedy duo Rhett and Link, performing their "Barbecue Song"–cowboy boots optional.