In Pursuit of Tea

Trying to switch over to tea? To inhabit a land where people are healthier, happier, in better shape, and alive longer? Tea, particularly the green stuff, has powerful antioxidants and health-boosting benefits that we all care about these days. But isn’t it nice to know you can forget all that and just concentrate on taste alone? True to the name of his company, In Pursuit of Tea front man Sebastian Beckwith traverses the remotest regions of Asia and India seeking out small farmers whose skilled handiwork and traditional methods produce exceptionally fragrant varieties: the year’s first Darjeeling harvest from an estate in a region inaccessible by road; Buddha tea from the highest peak on China’s Zhoushan Island. No wonder the beverage meisters at top NY restaurants like Daniel, Gramercy Tavern, and Blue Hill at Stone Barns (not to mention the masterful mixologists from Pegu Club, PDT, and Death & Co.) all clamor for these complex and deeply flavorful finds. You can get the same leaves for only a few dimes a mug—an affordable luxury that’s just our cup of tea.

We All Brew On

New to loose leaf? Then get yourself a handy-dandy filter cup. It makes brewing as easy as child’s play. (Don’t bother with tea balls, which are too small for leaves to unfurl and release their flavor.)

If you’ve already got your brew style down, then tea up to Audrey Saunders’s Earl Grey MarTEAni. She uses In Pursuit of Tea’s Earl Grey at Pegu Club; you can too.