360 Cookware

By Anne Zimmerman

“More flavorful meals with less fat and in less time,” says Prevention Magazine, after reviewing the sleek stainless-steel pots and pans of 360 Cookware. What’s left to say? Well, maybe to explain 360’s magic formula for delivering fewer calories, more nutrition, and tastier results. The ingenious method, known as “vapor cooking,” seals steam inside the cookware, which in turn requires less oil or butter. The layers of high-grade metals also distribute heat more evenly than most other pots, for faster cooking at lower temperatures. Now’s the time to upgrade to saucepans, stockpots, fry pans, and casseroles that promise perfect risotto, al dente green beans, and moist tender meats. 360 Cookware is a real gift for the holidays; your soon-to-be impressed friends and family will notice.

Speaking of risotto

We can’t think of a better way to launch a new pot than with a creamy winter-warming risotto, a lot easier to make than many people think. Just remember: It’s all in the steady, even stirring, and you can’t go wrong. Think of it as quality time with your new 360 Cookware. Here's a lovely and unusual cauliflower risotto with brie and almonds from Gourmet magazine.