Barrington Coffee

By Zach Brooks

Lee, MA can now be added to the list of the best places for coffee thanks to Barrington Coffee, a small batch roaster that’s been committed to quality, sustainable coffee—sourced directly from the world’s finest farms—for over 20 years. Saveur calls Barrington “ground zero for coffee enthusiasts in the Berkshires,” and their assessment is spot on. If you like it light, their Ethiopian Kochere will be calling your name, while dark coffee lovers can opt for the bold and flavorful Costa Rican French roast. And for that sweet spot right in the middle, go for the Vienna, from the central valley of Costa Rica. Better yet, use your 30-percent-off to get all three, with one of Barrington’s three-region sampler packs.

Word on the street
  • Barrington’s Perci Red was ranked third in the Top Coffees of 2013 by Coffee Review.

  • Barrington’s website lets you chose a grind based on how you like to make your coffee: Syphon, drip, French press, and more.

Tips for brewing the perfect cup of coffee

·Coffee’s worst enemies are air, moisture, and light. Store your coffee beans in Barrington Coffee’s specially designed foil bag or an opaque, airtight container.

·Use the appropriate grind for your brewing method. Espresso should be ground fine, drip coffee is medium, and press should be coarse. Start with fresh cold water, and heat it to approximately 205 degrees Fahrenheit (just off the boil). Use one heaping coffee measure (approximately 10 grams) or two tablespoons of coffee per six-ounce cup.