Big Picture Farm

By Zach Brooks

These days it's possible to get all sorts of "farm-fresh" foods, from fruits and veggies to eggs and cheese and milk, without living on or even near a farm. But, what's better than farm fresh milk? Candy made from farm fresh milk. That’s what Big Picture Farm in Vermont specializes in: confections handmade with milk produced by their flock of goats. The caramels are flavored with pure bourbon vanilla and the occasional crunch of a sea salt crystal, but the real star is the goat's milk itself, which makes for a remarkably luscious and creamy caramel that will be no problem for even the weakest of mouth muscles. As the sweet caramel melts in your mouth, so too will memories of stale, lockjaw-inducing caramels of your youth.

Sticky Fingers

Caramel is basically just melted sugar, so what really makes it caramel? The fat of milk solids, when combined with sugar and water over heat, produces the characteristic color and flavor we all know and love. Variations in ingredients, cooking time, and temperature result in different textures—from soft and chewy to hard and liquid smooth—for use in puddings and desserts, as a filling for candy, or as a topping for ice cream. So put your feet up, pop a few Big Picture Farm caramels in your mouth, and meet the goats that brought you this sticky treat.