By Elizabeth Hurchalla

An Art Deco-style pattern inspired by avant-garde designer Eileen Gray on a French press that happens to make an exceptionally good cup is perhaps the coffee equivalent of the sexy black dress—lots of style with plenty of substance. And it doesn’t cost a fortune. That’s Bodum on every count, and it’s why the Scandinavian company could be your one-stop shop for affordable presents this year, if you have friends who care dearly about caffeine. Bodum’s coffee blade grinder, in Life Saver shades of red, orange, and lime green (plus black or white)—comes with a transparent top for a what-you-see-is-what-you-get grind. Those who prefer a cuppa tea to a standard cuppa will want Bodum’s new tea press, elegant in all glass with a stainless steel infuser insert. Throw in the new electric kettle, which boils waters in just four minutes, and you’ve got the perfect ensemble.

Press on … with Bodum

Bodum’s hot beverage gear doesn’t stop with beans and leaves. Try these combos:

Grind whole spices, such as cinnamon or nutmeg, in the grinder to top off your morning mug; just keep in mind that these spices might flavor future coffees slightly. (Solution: get a second grinder and use it just for spices.)

Use the tea press to make mulled cider: Put a couple of cinnamon sticks, five whole cloves, and two orange slices in the infuser, then fill with hot cider.

Make hot toddies by filling the tea press infuser with a lemon (cut in half and squeezed) along with some black tea. Add hot water, a little honey, and whiskey and—cheers!