Bourbon Barrel Foods

By Anthony Todd

Did you know that when spice is smoked with bourbon, it becomes downright irresistible? Bourbon Barrel Foods’ line of bourbon-smoked spices, straight from the heart of Bourbon country in Kentucky, will bring your home cooking to another level. Cracked peppercorns are lovely, but when you smell this bourbon-smoked pepper and its deep, rich flavors, you’ll want to start eating pepper out of the jar for the first time in your life. And they don't just make pepper—spice up your next dessert or roast with bourbon-smoked sugar, bourbon-smoked paprika, or bourbon-smoked salt. Baking cookies? You can't do better than Bourbon Barrel's real vanilla, aged in bourbon barrels for an extra kick. And if you're tired of bland, boring, mass-produced sauces, try their micro-brewed soy sauce or small-batch Worcestershire, both aged in bourbon barrels. Your steaks—and your dinner guests—will thank you.

Bourbon Inspired Recipes

Need some more inspiration for how to use your new bourbon-influenced spices and sauces? Try the Smoky Red Pepper and Feta Dip, featuring bourbon-smoked paprika, or the cocktail party meatballs with bourbon barrel–aged Worcestershire and bourbon-smoked salt.