Chic hand-chiseled cheese boards

By Christina Mueller

There is a timeless elegance to stone, and the two food-obsessed owners of Brooklyn Slate capture this quality in each of their hand-chiseled creations, highlighting the fine-textured beauty of the stone with clean, simple designs. Raw pieces of slate are handpicked at co-owner Kristy Hadeka’s third-generation family-owned quarry in upstate New York, then brought back to their studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn to be cut, cleaned, and assembled into unique, functional pieces.

The perfectly sized, no-slip special edition slate cheese board and beverage coasters exude rustic charm. And let's face it, they’re just cool. Non-porous and food safe, the cheese board is an ideal serving piece for hors d’oeuvres or sushi and makes a dramatic showcase for your favorite cheeses. The included soapstone pencil—for writing on slate—makes quick work of labeling each item right on the board.

Designing the perfect cheese plate

There are any number of ways to design a cheese plate, but you cannot fail if you follow these simple guidelines:

  • Pick a theme or region.
  • Choose one cheese from each type of milk—cow, goat, sheep, or even water buffalo.
  • Look for different textures—soft and creamy to medium-firm and firm.
  • Arrange with savory accompaniments before dinner, sweet ones after dinner.
  • Serve at room temperature to fully capture each cheese’s expressive character. Voilà!