Gooey ganache heaven delivered to your door

By Elizabeth Hurchalla

With their lumpy exteriors, cake-chicago’s ugly truffles may not win any confectionery beauty contests, but they’ll melt your heart with their gooey ganache centers in fresh flavors from You Suck Lemon to Surly Stout. Sure, purists may opt for Homely Hazelnut or Put Your Clothes On Chocolate, but true cuckoo-for-cocoa buffs will want to save room for Chubby Wubby's, impossibly moist fudgy cookies studded with bittersweet chocolate bits and sandwiched around mint, caramel, berry, or chocolate fillings. Made from all-natural ingredients and shipped the same day, cake-chicago’s delectables are all stamped with an “enjoy by” date on the bottom of their box, but good luck keeping the goods around long enough to worry about it. As the cake-chicago folks advise, “you can extend the life of our products by refrigerating, freezing, or hiding.” Just don’t forget where you stash your sweet stuff.

Not Your Father’s Holiday Catalog Gift Assortment

Pecan logs and fruitcakes have their place in the annals of history, but not in your loved ones’ mailboxes. Put the happy back in the holidays with a guaranteed-to-be-well-received gift assortment of truffles, cookies, or squares priced from $20 to $250.