California Avocados Direct

By Amy Sherman

Do we have to tell you why you want a box of creamy, delicious and fresh from the farm avocados from California delivered to your door? OK, we will. These avocados are handpicked, packed, and shipped on the same day and let's not forget that sunny California has the perfect climate, soil, and growing season for avocados. Farmer Ben, a fourth generation farmer ensures that each box contains only the best. Packed with good fats, avocado is a great way to start the new year on the right "food". You can even avocados in milkshakes and ice cream. You may prefer to mash them for guacamole, slice them to use on salads or sandwiches, or fill them with seafood for an elegant appetizer or lunch entrée.

What's on tap

Right now, California Avocados Direct is shipping the Fuerte variety of avocados. These are smooth skinned and pear shaped with a delicious, rich taste.