Catskill Provisions

By Liv Combe

Founded in 2010 with only one type of honey on offer—the fall wildflower varietal—Catskill Provisions now boasts a full line of products, from maple syrups, seasonal honeys, and chocolate honey truffles to ketchups and marinating sauces in flavors like balsamic fig and honey ginger. Naturally, honey is one of their best selling products, and for good reason. You can taste exactly what the bees taste from season to season—clover, apple, and pear blossom in the spring honey and chestnut, maple, and asters in the fall honey. There is also a new line of pancake and waffle mix to check out, made with organic, New York–grown whole wheat. Of course you’ll want to douse them, or whatever your weekend breakfast may be, in Catskill Provisions’ maple syrup, tapped from trees in upstate New York—over 2,000 of them every year.

Word on the street

  • New York Magazine calls Catskill Provisions’ Pancake + Waffle mix as “local, organic, and quite tasty.”

  • Vogue included the spring wildflower honey in their holiday gift roundup, calling it “beyond compare—thick, dark golden, never bitter, and just on the cusp of crystallization.”

  • Epicurious also called out the honey—”as delicate and pure as any around”—in their Hanukkah gift guide.

  • First We Feast named Catskill Provisions one of the 50 Best Independent American Food Brands, describing their honey as “a testament to the simple splendor of an unaltered product.”

History of the hives

It all started with a single beehive founder Claire Marin bought as a gift for her partner Cathy in 2003. Immediately Cathy and Claire became fascinated by beekeeping and continued to expand their knowledge of beekeeping as a hobby. Every year they would harvest their honey and share it with family and friends, receiving raves about how good it was. In 2010 Claire, quit her job in publishing and started Catskill Provisions. With the help of local beekeepers, today she manages 300 hives in Delaware and Sullivan Counties in New York—along with one on West 10th Street in Manhattan.