Spin some sweet magic for your valentine

By Hannah Howard

There is a certain kind of candy that is so very fancy, so precious, so hifalutin, it’s as if it has forgotten that it’s candy, and is supposed to be fun.

Chocolate Twist is nothing like that. These caramels, candies, and chocolates have all of the lighthearted whimsy that sweet treats ought to have—and then some. The company is the brainchild of chocolate devotee Kate Coffey, aka Queen of the Twist, who took her inspiration from her grandmothers’ killer homemade cookies and biscuits.

But the creative goodies that Coffey spins out at Chocolate Twist are all her own, and if there ever was a no-brainer spot to find sweets for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day—from friends and family to that special someone—then this is it. Just don’t forget to get a little extra deliciousness for yourself, too.

The chocolate chip ‘mallows are light as clouds, and the peanut butter pretzel chocolate bar is a sort of emperor of chocolate bars—with sea salt caramel, salted peanuts, pretzel chips, peanut butter ganache, and bittersweet chocolate, it really has it all. Chocolate Twist’s caramels are no joke, too; chewy but not sticky, sweet but not too much. Their beer & pretzel caramels are crafted from local BuckleDown beer and Gnarly Knots pretzels. Word to the wise: they sell out fast—if you need to “stock up,” we won’t tell. Want to send someone more than just a little bit of love? Wow them with a gift set or a subscription to the Twist of the Month Club, and their Valentine’s Day will be extra sweet.

Word on the Street

  • Food 52 called Kate Coffey, the chocolatier and confectioner behind Chocolate Twist, “a wizard—whose medium of choice is sugar.”
  • Chocolate Twist’s spicy, silky, and chocolaty cayenne-cinnamon caramel sauce made Self’s list of “The Best High-End, Artisanal Hot Sauces Around.”
  • The Oprah website raved about the burnt toast caramels: “a rich, salty-sweet treat made with actual burnt whole grain toast that imparts a smoky, smoldering flavor.”

Choosing chocolate

We feel you: Deciding between so many gorgeous, indulgent treats can be hard. Let us help pick out a few Chocolate Twist favorites for you to consider—ones that are perfect for gifting. (And gifts for yourself definitely count!)

Saigon Cinnamon Peanut Butter Cup: Peanut butter and chocolate are already a confectionery match made in heaven, but add some Saigon cinnamon to the creamy peanut butter, toss in whole roasted peanuts, wrap it all up in thick milk chocolate, and voila! Four inches of peanut butter cup rapture.
Root Beer Float Chocolate Bar: Root beer caramel, made with Jo Snow Syrups' Sass! Root beer syrup, is layered with white chocolate ganache, dipped in milk chocolate, and finished with plenty of rainbow sprinkles. YES!
Orange Chipotle Caramels: A little spicy and a little sweet—the folks at Chocolate Twist zest and juice fresh oranges directly into their caramel base, then add smoky chipotle pepper for some serious heat. Balanced and addictive.