By Anne Zimmerman

Yes, there’s a CSA for coffee too. It might seem sort of boho—if the idea weren’t so darn cool. Here’s why: CoffeeCSA allows people from Seattle to Syracuse (and everywhere in between) to invest in regular deliveries of fresh-roasted coffee from small-scale family farmers all over the world. And getting a delivery from Waji Haro, an Ethopian farmer with four organic acres of beans, felt kind of like having an old-fashioned pen pal. Even better, the brew was dark and smooth, with sweet notes of vanilla and a fragrant nose. One cup with breakfast was all it took to get me going—with the added benefit of feeling especially good about supporting his enterprise. This cuppa’s for a cause, but it sure tastes good, too.

Coffee cake

Need something else to do with your coffee besides drink it? Add a warm cup to this chocolate cake that’s so dense and chocolatey no one would ever guess that it was vegan.