Meet magnificent meat—Handcrafted salumi from Utah

By Hannah Howard

Were you under the impression that you must travel to Italy to experience the marvel of salami? Think again: The most exciting, high-quality, life-changing cured meat is being crafted right here in the USA—in this case in Utah. Who knew?

Creminelli’s master salumiere, or salami maker, learned the art of meat curing from a family legacy that dates back to the 15th century in Piedmont, Italy. Creminelli salami is made by hand from all natural, vegetarian-fed, heritage-breed Duroc hogs that are never treated with antibiotics or kept in confinement. The dry climate in Utah is actually quite similar to that of Northern Italy, and there is plenty of space to raise pigs the traditional way—and make salami.

When this Italian tradition and technique meets American innovation, deliciousness ensues. Creminelli’s Sopressata is fragrant with wine and plenty of garlic, while the Tartufo is heady with black summer truffles, imported each season from Umbria. The Whiskey embodies Utah terroir, its porky goodness infused with barrel-aged whiskey from the High West Distillery in Park City, Utah, just up the road from Creminelli.

All you need is a knife, a great drink, and the meaty party is on.

Tasty tidbits
  • Featured in Bon Apetit’s “Tastemakers” and Food & Wine’s "America’s best cured meats.”
  • Creminelli took home a Good Food Award in 2011, and was a finalist for a Sofi award this year.
  • These goodies are free of nitrates and nitrites, contain no preservatives or lactose, and are produced in small batches, hand-tied in a natural casing.
  • Creminelli is constantly developing new recipes. A blue cheese salami collaboration with Rogue Creamery and a Bison salami are in the works—stay tuned.

Make the Perfect Antipasto Plate

  • Salami (and cheese!) is at its best at room temperature—take out of the fridge for about an hour before serving.
  • Play with colors—bright olives, marinated veggies, and colorful fruits add beautiful dimension.
  • A mix of flavors makes things interesting—include a range of milder meats and cheeses alonside more spicy/stinky/intense items.
  • Have fun—assemble delicious things you love and you can’t go wrong.