The perfect host gift

By Hannah Howard

If you think coconut macaroons are boring, Danny Macaroons is happy to prove you very wrong. Dan Cohen started selling his artisanal macaroons to New York City coffee shops in 2010, but when Bergdorf Goodman started carrying his handmade coconut goodies, his brand really took off.

It’s no wonder. Consciously sourced, premium flake, non-GMO coconut gives these cookies a supple, soft texture and lots of rich coconut flavor. They’re sweet but not too sweet, and the cookies have a wonderful toastiness on the finish. It only takes a few bites to devour one, and then you’re probably going to want another. Bonus: They’re gluten-free!

The classic coconut flavor is made with only five ingredients: premium coconut (of course!), sweetened condensed milk, freshly cracked egg whites, vanilla extract, and a sprinkle of sea salt. Sure, you could make them yourself. But since you’re probably not going to, Danny Macaroons saves the day.

Their boxes and tins of macaroons make a delicious gift for nearly anyone on your list. The ideal stocking-stuffer, a perfect Hanukkah present, and a no-brainer treat for the holiday host or hostess. You can’t go wrong with the Classic Assortment, a collection that includes salted caramel, chocolate dipped, classic, and chocolate almond macaroons. Or choose the Seasonal Assortment, which varies with what’s fresh and wonderful right now.
Word on the street
  • Food & Wine published the five-ingredient recipe for these “sweet and chewy two-bite macaroons.”
  • According to the Chicago Tribune, the “cookies boast soft, just-chewy-enough textures and come in a variety of flavors,” and are a “big hit.” (We knew that part!)
  • “The macaroons boast a crunchy exterior and consistently moist, borderline creamy interior, so fresh and never too sweet,” writes Serious Eats.

These are a few of our favorite sweets

  • Salted Caramel Coconut: These golden coconut macaroons are drizzled with handmade salted caramel, crafted from pure cane sugar, sweet cream butter, and a dash of sea salt. Salty, sweet, and sensational.
  • Chocolate Dipped Coconut: The geniuses at Danny Macaroons use a gorgeous 70 percent single-origin Colombian dark chocolate for the perfect topping to a classic macaroon.
  • Rainbow Sprinkle Coconut: Who doesn’t love rainbow sprinkles? These macaroons are cheerfully colorful and perfect for birthday celebrations—or any celebrations!
  • Coconut Stout: Two great things are even better together. These macaroons are mixed with Gun Hill Brewery's Void of Light stout for a complex and addictive flavor.