Step up your grilling game with top-quality free-range meats

By Hannah Howard

Hot night, hot grill, cold drink, good people—the ingredients for perfection. If there’s any way to make this perfect experience even better, it’s stepping up your grilling game with the highest quality free-range meats available. For more than three decades, D’Artagnan has been synonymous with the best of the best when it comes to all things meat. And right now, BBE subscribers can score an exclusive 30 percent off their superior beef, poultry, and more.

Ariane Daguin, the company’s founder, has been deeply committed to sourcing sustainable, humanely raised poultry and meat from small farms and ranches with strict standards, long before these things were trendy. The proof, though, is on your plate. Fire up that grill for a romantic dinner or a backyard rager, and let the heat work magic on D’Artagnan’s organic chicken wings, Wagyu beef burgers, and just-a-bit-spicy lamb merguez sausage.

Want to venture outside the standard grilling canon? The venison rib chops are luxuriously tender; marinated and grilled, the super lean, deboned quail bursts with delicate flavor and rich dark meat. Or stick to classics, like 100 percent natural beef hot dogs and gorgeous rib eye steaks, for ultimate beef satisfaction. See you outside.

Word on the street

  • The New York Times called D’Artagnan’s chicken an “echo chamber of flavor.”
  • Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten says that, "D’Artagnan changed food in America by introducing high quality products to the American market …. As chefs, we can only create great food with great ingredients, something D’Artagnan has always supplied us with."
  • Founder Ariane Daguin was named one of the “Most Creative People in Business” by Fast Company in 2014.
  • Of D’Artagnan’s “mission to bring better food to plates around the country,” Daguin told the Wall Street Journal, "Little by little people are changing their priorities. They are understanding that well-raised animals have the best results on the plate."

The perfect grilled rib eye

2 D’Artagnan rib eye steaks
Kosher salt
Freshly ground black pepper
Olive oil

1. Heat grill to medium-high. When it is hot, brush olive oil on grates.

2. Remove steaks from fridge and let them rise toward room temperature for about 15 minutes. Generously season both sides with salt and pepper.

3. Place both steaks on grill. After three minutes, rotate 90 degrees to create crosshatch marks. Three minutes later, flip the steaks. Grill on second side for another six minutes, or until desired temperature is reached—medium-rare will register as 125 degrees F.

4. Let steaks rest for about ten minutes. Slice against the grain, serve and dig in.