Pasture-raised heritage beef from Washington

Beef, like wine, has terroir—it tastes of the place the cattle were raised and how they were treated. Drenched in sunshine and famous for world-class wines, the grassy plains of Washington’s Okanogan region are home to the cattle of Double R Ranch. The meat these animals provide tastes of their unique provenance: pasture-raised heritage breeds, such as the English Cross, that thrive on grass. Simply seasoned with a sprinkle of salt and cracked black pepper, their beef tastes clean and fresh with a distinct minerality.

New this season, Double R’s premium deli style hot dogs are all beef, made with a unique family recipe and smoked with a blend of hardwoods for an undeniable flavor and bite. For an accompanying burger, their premium ground beef comes from grass-fed and grain-finished cattle in the Northwest, and is ground in Double R’s own facility to ensure that the quality is always top-notch, and the flavor always classic. This beef tastes the way nature intended.

Word on the street
  • Double R Ranch meats have been featured on Serious Eats.

  • All steaks are wet-aged for 28 days at the Double R Ranch, ensuring a consistent product and out of this world flavor.

  • The care with which the animals are raised and processed is evident in every bite. Cut and trimmed by Master Butchers, your steak, chop, or roast arrives ready for the grill. All you need to do is season it.

  • The Cowboy Chop, a 2-pound bone-in steak, is designed to serve two, and to make it extra special, has a frenched, or exposed, bone.

  • Look for Double R’s guide to cooking methods, cook times, and videos to guide you step by step through the cooking process of every cut.

Hot off the presses and onto the grill

Good news for your summertime festivities: Double R Ranch is now offering grilling packs of their wet-aged, premium Northwest beef, just in time for the season. Coming in three varieties, these bundles include both the new franks and ground beef, plus either four strip loin steaks, four rib eyes, or all of the above plus four tenderloins filets, for an all-out beef-lover’s extravaganza.