Coffee to suit your taste, delivered to your door

By Kim Fortson

Does your morning routine need a reboot? Turn to Driftaway Coffee. The Brooklyn-based team sources the finest coffees from around the world and personalizes them to your taste, shipping single origin beans directly to your door within 48 hours of roasting. Talk about a pick-me-up.

Discovering your new favorite coffee is super easy. First, you pick a plan: Solo if you’re sipping for one, Doppio for two (or if you’re a two-cups-a-day kind of aficionado). Next, you’ll receive a tasting kit containing four distinct flavor profiles: fruity, classic, balanced, and bold. The bags are tagged with notes about the coffees’ flavors and the regions they came from, so you know exactly what you’re trying.

Once you’ve found your faves, you can rate each flavor profile on your account—or with the Driftaway app. From there on out, you’ll only receive coffees that fit the profiles you’ve picked. And every month there’s a new coffee for each profile; if you choose two profiles, you’ll get a new batch of coffee every other week. Sweet.

But what truly makes Driftaway one-of-a-kind are all the personal touches, from the Rise & Grind brewing guide to tips for making café-caliber coffee at home. The app even features a quiz to reveal your coffee personality. Your new morning ritual will be mellow, in a caffeinated way.

Word on the street

  • “You may already have your coffee habits down, but Drift Away is worth a look,” writes The Boston Globe.
  • Edible Brooklyn says, “when it comes to coffee, it’s all about flavor, and Greenpoint-based duo Suyog Mody and Anu Menon’s small-batch subscription service is delivering good taste in spades.”
  • As Food 52 noted, Driftaway was “started by a couple (who) cherishes their morning coffee as a ritual and not just a caffeine hit,” and that their coffee “is sourced from trusted suppliers and made for anyone who takes great pride in brewing a perfect cup.”
  • The Kitchn says: “This is a great subscription for someone wanting to dive into the world of coffee, as Driftaway makes the process simple yet still focused on what you think tastes best.”

Coffee School

A big part of Driftaway’s appeal is how personal it is—the coffee bags are even delivered with your name handwritten on the tag. And everything they do is geared toward furthering your coffee education, whether it’s the information provided by the Driftaway app, their breakdown of coffee profiles, or the brew tips that arrive with your picks. But the best place to be in the know is Driftaway’s Coffeecademy, a blog that covers topics ranging from the history of coffee houses to the optimal amount of coffee to drink per day. (Fun fact: men are more susceptible to caffeine’s effects than women.) For the true aficionado, this is it.