Granola worth its oats

By William Sertl

Olive oil might be the secret to much good cooking, but who knew it was the magic behind Early Bird granola? Any cereal worth its oats has that initial sweet and crunchy taste—Early Bird, too—but it’s only after the savory oil-and-salt combo kicks in that you realize this stuff has the power you usually assign to trattoria plates. (No, Early Bird isn’t trying to re-invent the caprese salad, but ask yourself how good mozzarella and tomatoes would be without the extra-virgin and fleur de sel.) Brooklyn’s Nekisia Davis, who developed this trattoria take on everybody’s favorite breakfast food, offers three choices of bagged granola, including one we love called Jubilee, laced with sour cherries and pistachios. In addition, the Crack of Dawn bar is highly addictive and not perhaps what you’re thinking; stash it in the office drawer for a mid-day snack.

The secret of great granola

Here’s a winning, if time-consuming, adaption of a recipe Davis gave to Melissa Clark at the Dining section of the New York Times. Might be fun as a rainy day project. Otherwise, we’d prefer to order online.