Step up your baking game with fine, hand-crafted ceramics from Burgundy

By Hannah Howard

Emile Henry has been crafting the finest ceramic bakeware and serving dishes since 1850—for six generations and counting. It all started when Jaques Henry, a young potter from Burgundy, discovered a new world of gorgeous ceramics in a workshop in Marcigny, a small nearby village. He then traveled throughout France to learn the craft from master ceramicists, returning to Burgundy a few years later to set up shop making use of his new skills. His terrines, bowls, and jugs became the talk of the town. In 1900, his son Paul opened Emile Henry’s first Paris outpost, and soon their ceramics adorned all the best Parisian tables.

Nearly two centuries later, Jean-Baptiste continues to honor his great-great-great grandfather Jaques’s legacy at Emile Henry with products made 100 percent in France, as they have been since the beginning. The cookware is handcrafted by expert artisans using local clay from mineral-rich French soil and hand-painted all natural glazes, which hits the sweet spot—both pretty and practical.

Right now, you can bring this refined combination of form and function into your home: Emile Henry is offering BlackboardEats subscribers 30 percent off their collection of fine kitchen essentials. Throughout the decades, the line has expanded to include new essentials: pie and tart dishes, bread cloches, tagines, casseroles, and more, in a variety of sizes and lovely colors, from twilight blue to linen to burgundy. From pizza stones to baguette bakers, Emile Henry’s creations make thoughtful gifts for experienced and expert bakers alike. They’ll be the essentials you return to over and over again throughout the years.
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Word on the Street

  • The Seattle Times called the Emile Henry Papillote or Fish Steamer a great way to cook fish “with spectacular results.”
  • Gourmet Insider wrote about the launch of Emile Henry’s expanded line and new flint color, highlighting that the durable products “will not chip, crack or craze over time.”
  • Home cooks of all levels can appreciate the beauty and utility of Emile Henry, from Feast Magazine.

Some of our Emile Henry favorites

The One Pot for stovetop and oven cooking, ensures that heat is diffused evenly and cooks gently. The ceramic pot is perfect for stews and chili.Emile Henry’s glazed ceramic pizza stones help create that enviable crispy, golden brown crust. Their proprietary lead-free flame glaze surface means these can be cut on and used as handy serving trays. Plus, they’re safe to pop in the microwave.The ruffled pie dish doubles as a vessel for baking sweet or savory flaky pies and a lovely serving dish. The ruffles make serving perfect portions super easy, and the ceramic material helps pies bake evenly, with perfectly flaky crusts.