Elevate your table settings to the extraordinary

By Abigail Stone

In the hands of an expert artisan, glass will bounce light around the room with an effortless grace, elevating bowls and vases from utilitarian to breathtaking. While mastering this kind of refractive expertise has traditionally been the province of the Italians and French, Portland-based studio Esque is giving the Europeans a run for their money. Justin Parker and Andi Kovel are literally breathing new life into the art of glassblowing, creating unique handmade, to-order pieces that are functional, beautiful, and collectible. Their tableware line—which includes glass bubbles for holding salt, colorful water carafes, and a graduated set of hors d’oeuvre bowls—exude a tactile sensuality that will elevate your table settings to the extraordinary.

Name Dropping

  • Time Magazine cited Esque as one of their “Design 100”

  • The LA Times included their Battuto cigar tray in their list of “bona fide desirables.”

  • Client list is fancy pants and includes: Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren, and Lenny Kravitz.

Mirror mirror

In addition to his work with Esque, partner Justin Parker is also a fine artist. His current project incorporates photographic transfers, uranium, and glow in the dark glass, using polished surfaces and cut facets to tinker with glass’s optic qualities. Displayed with mirrors, the results are mesmerizing and surreal—Alice’s fall through looking glass come to life.