Make it a green Black Friday with seasonal, artisanal goods, delivered

By Maryse Chevriere

It’s a charming idea: You and yours getting up early to make the weekly run to the farmers market, tote bag in hand, so you can load up on all the best the season and local artisans have to offer. But let’s be honest, more often than not, life happens and it’s a miracle if you even make it to the grocery store before closing. Enter Farm to People: All the quality and local selection of the farmers market, but with the ease and efficiency of online shopping. Thank you, internet.

Founded by entrepreneurial father-son duo David and Michael Robinov, the online grocer Farm to People is dedicated to making it easier for people to buy from small-batch artisan producers and farmers. Build your cart a la carte-style—with everything from drinks and snacks to meats and cheeses, pickles, and sweets—or opt for one of their no-brainer subscription services.

First, there's the Farmers Market box for $59.90, delivered weekly with a spread of five items—and, because they've thought of everything, you can choose between an omnivore, vegetarian, paleo, and vegan selection. There’s also the monthly Tasting Box, for either The Casual Foodie ($29.95 for three to four products) or The Food Critic ($49.95 for five to eight products). They even have a subscribable hot sauce box option.

And yes, before you ask, Farm to People can totally help you with corporate gifting this holiday season. Shop small, shop local—you have no excuse not to now.

Word on the Street

  • The Martha Stewart website heralds Farm to People for “changing the way we view food,” giving “local farmers and artisan makers a bigger and better place to grow.”
  • This past summer, the trendspotters at Food & Wine featured Farm to People as one of the “six food subscription services you should be ordering from.”
  • According to Buzzfeed, a Farm to People subscription is the gift to get for the “hungry, hungry hipster” friend in your life.
  • Brooklyn Magazine spotlighted Farm to People in a story on the burgeoning online grocery market sector, applauding their “canny,” “carefully calculated” merger with virtual seasonal ingredient-supplier, Quinciple.

The people behind the farms

Getting to know the talented, passionate people behind the products is one of the big draws of shopping at a farmers market. To maintain that connective spirit, Farm to People includes detailed biographies of all its esteemed artisans, so you’ll know who to thank for the hot sauce that made your tacos last night, or the chocolate-covered animal crackers that perfectly satisfy your sweet tooth every time. And best of all, you know they’re feeling the love, because Farm to People gives 50 percent of every food dollar directly to the farmer or maker.