The finest cured and smoked salmon for over 100 years

By Amy Sherman

Say what you will, but the best smoked salmon in the world comes from London. If you need proof, you’ll find it in the form of the cured and smoked salmon that comes from Britain’s oldest smokehouse, brought to the States today by Formans USA. After learning the craft of smoking and curing in his native Russia, Harry Forman moved to London and founded what was to become H. Forman & Son back in 1905. Inspired by the finest wild salmon from Scotland, he developed the perfect way to complement its fantastic flavor, and dubbed it the London cure.

The texture of this cured and smoked salmon is intense, yet the flavor is only mildly smoky—and never too salty. After salt curing, whole sides of salmon are rope-hung in the traditional style to allow the smoke to circulate freely, penetrating the fish to yield a subtle yet divine flavor. You’ll also want to try their gin-and-tonic cure—preferably alongside the kind of fragrant botanicals you’d associate with gin: lemon and juniper. Velvet textured and glistening, it will take your brunch from humdrum to heavenly.

Everything from filleting to salting to smoking to slicing is all done by hand, ensuring exceptional quality. And the salmon itself? They still use only the highest grade fish, from the pristine waters of Scotland.

Salmon isn’t the only thing they offer, either; the smoked yellowfin tuna carpaccio served with lemon and capers will transport you swiftly to the Grand Canal in Venice, while a nibble of the smoked Dutch eel shuttles you instead to Amsterdam. Juicy beads of royal keta caviar pair fabulously with Champagne and blini, and if you’re still looking for a way to blow minds (or palates), try the smoked salmon sausages, or smoked salmon paupiette, a thin slice of fish stuffed with hot smoked-salmon mousse or crab and lobster.

Word on the Street

  • Featured on The Feed with Steve Dolinksy and Rick Bayless
  • Recommended by USA Today “Experience Food and Wine”
  • Adored by top chefs, including Marco Pierre White and Gordon Ramsay

Beyond the bagel

Smoked or cured fish is actually extremely versatile. Here are some of the many terrific ways to enjoy it:
  • Drape it on avocado toast, and garnish with chives or radish slices
  • Try it in eggs Benedict in place of the ham
  • Use some in a green salad with raw sliced beets and goat cheese
  • Place it on top of potato pancakes with sour cream or crème fraîche
  • Serve it with a slice of melon or fresh figs, instead of prosciutto
  • Add it to your next charcuterie or cheese plate