Grady’s Cold Brew

By Zach Brooks

What could be better than sitting in an outdoor café in New Orleans, eating a beignet and sipping on a creamy glass of chicory flavored iced coffee? How about getting to drink that same great iced coffee every day—at home. Bottled by hand in Brooklyn, NY, Grady’s Cold Brew makes the perfect cup of cold-brewed iced coffee accessible to even the most novice coffee maker. Just mix the concentrate with an equal amount of water or milk, and you’re done. And at eight servings per bottle, the $15 price tag—only $10.50 after your BBE discount—is a downright steal considering how much a cup of cold brew is at a nice coffee shop. Want hot coffee? Just add hot water instead. Want it stronger? Simply adjust the ratios to taste. You can even add it to cocktails—not that you’d ever even consider doing something so crazy.

Word on the street
  • Winner of BevNet’s 2012 New Beverage Competition
  • One of Bon Appetit’s favorite commercial cold brews
  • The natural sweetness of chicory makes sugar completely optional.
  • Cold brew is smoother and easier on the stomach than a normal hot cup of coffee.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee Recipe

Chicory flavored coffee is often used to make Vietnamese iced coffee. Mix 2 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk with 2 ounces of warm water, then add 4 ounces of Grady’s Cold Brew for the perfect sweet and chocolaty Vietnamese iced coffee.