Dinner for two (photo credit: Adeline Ramos)

The secret formula to a perfect end of summer staycation

By Erik Mathes

Some, or quite possibly all, of the best meals of summer feature fresh, just-plucked-from-the-briny-waters delicacies as the main event. But whatever your weakness—crabs, lobster, oysters—you know that to make these dreamy dishes at home, you need to start with the absolute freshest and finest seafood. Fortunately, that little detail is all taken care of, thanks to Harbour House Crabs, a company that has perfected the art of overnight shipping steamed to order Maryland Blue Crabs anywhere in the nation. It sounds crazy, but don’t sweat the logistics; just know that these guys get crabs straight out of the Chesapeake Bay and neatly pack and ship them out to you with plenty of ice—and they arrive the next day.

You can get live crabs and prepare them yourself, or have them steamed and seasoned so they’re ready to eat upon arrival. Harbour House Crabs has also teamed up with Baltimore’s famous Obrycki’s restaurant, giving you two equally appealing choices: Harbour House’s signature traditional blend or Obrycki’s black pepper–based seasoning.

If you’re landlocked and starved for excellent seafood, HHC will be a revelation. You can score everything from king crab and snow crab legs to peel-and-eat shrimp, oysters, and clams—all delivered directly to your door. There’s even a surf-and-turf combo with crab cakes, shrimp, and beef tenderloin, as well as the crème de la crème of HHC’s offerings, a dinner for two featuring a dozen steamed hard-shell crabs, two fat, juicy jumbo lump crab cakes (baking required), a half-pound of jumbo shrimp, four espresso bean brownies, and two mallets—because eating hard-shell crabs is very hands-on! And for the coup de grace, they pack this feast with a large table covering, to make cleaning up the shells a breeze.

If you want a remarkable eating experience to put a stamp on your summer, Harbour House is where it’s at.

Word on the Street

  • Harbour House was featured in the essential gift guide in Food & Wine.
  • The service has also been singled out in Real Simple as a way to help you “kick back, relax, and vacation at home.”
  • Fox & Friends recently showcased Harbour House Crabs on set in NYC on Father’s Day.
  • HHC is the exclusive nationwide provider of Obrycki’s famous crabs.

Come out of your shell

If you’re serious about preparing and cooking live crabs, but are looking for some inspiration to nudge you, check out Harbour House’s iLoveCrabs cookbook. It includes over 60 recipes—and not just for crabs, but all kinds of seafood. Think blue crab and corn salsa, acorn squash and crab chowder, sweet balsamic-glazed shrimp with rosemary, baked oyster pie, and plenty of other amazing dishes to be made with Harbour House Crabs’ exquisite products.