Sweet summer in a jar, plus a hit of jalapeño

By Anne Zimmerman

On these dark winter days, we’re grateful Dafna Kory decided to turn her DIY hobby into Inna Jam, a hyper-local, small-batch business that packs up all the freshest fruits from past seasons into jewel-colored jars of pure sweet flavor. Dapple Fire Pluot jam ought to be spooned onto everyone’s morning yogurt, pink Polka Raspberry for a lunchtime PB&J, and the deep purple of Blackberry spread between layers of a butter cake. The pucker of the fruit (never overly sweet and sourced within 100 miles of Inna’s Berkeley, California kitchen) shines almost as brightly as the rainbow of colors. In fact, Inna’s best known jam is green (but probably not for St. Patrick’s Day)—a pleasantly spicy jalapeño spread to add the perfect kick to cream cheese.

Inna a good place for gift-giving

Bay Area residents can find Inna at dozens of stores throughout the region; it is also on the menu at some restaurants and bakeries in San Francisco and Oakland. But the online store not only makes it easy for anyone to pick up a couple of jars of Inna, it also takes all the hassle out of sending gift packages.