By Tara Duggan

People will wait in line for anything that is fresh off the farm, including coffee from Intelligentsia, one of the few US specialty coffee roasters to focus on seasonal coffees. After all, the timing of coffee harvests varies throughout the world, and narrowing the time gaps between picking the beans, roasting them, and delivering them to the human bloodstream is key. Intelligentsia’s In Season coffees are roasted and sold within 10 months of harvest, which in coffee years is no time at all. The harvest dates are printed on the coffee bag, and it’s hard not to think about how recently the beans were still attached to a plant when you’re sipping the lush-bodied, delicately fruity Finca Matalapa El Pino from El Salvador. La Tortuga of Honduras, also harvested this spring, is a sweeter cup, aptly described on Intelligentsia’s site as tasting of tamarind, with a juicy tang. For tea connoisseurs, Intelligentsia offers a selection of high-quality brews, including all-organic herbal infusions, as well as reserve-grade oolong teas such as Golden Phoenix that can be infused numerous times; Bai Hao, which is marked by a gentle floral finish; and Da Yu Lin (High Mountain oolong) with notes of tropical fruit, evergreen and orchid.