Jacaranda Home

By Kat Odell

Just as chiles add spice to any dish, Stefany Gonzalez knows how to punch up a dinner table with one-of-a-kind home woven accessories, sourced from her forays to Mexico and Latin America. She also proves that luxury doesn’t have to be costly, with beautiful items like hand-painted Mexican plates and colorful cotton textiles, stitched by the Otomi Indians, that turn your kitchen into a Mexican café. The textiles, ideal as runners or even chair upholstery, come in a rainbow of colors, and even if the shade you want isn’t listed, you can call the store to find the hue that’s right for you. Most textiles are made of natural cotton. Just another reason to love Jacaranda Home.

Heating things up with leftovers

Jacaranda Home sells four-inch squares from Otomi Embroidery at a $1 a piece. Here are a few ideas to turn these "scraps" into works of art:

Use them as coasters. Cut circles or squares, then bond them onto a backing, such as a small plastic lid;

Make them into lid covers for Canning Jars;

Create Wall Art. Frame the swatches in sets of four (or however many) in square frames to add color and pattern to your wall.