This 200-year-old company was hipster before hipster was even a thing

By Brandy Gonsoulin

If you’re looking for a company whose products perfectly embody the idea of the American Way, you would be hard-pressed to find one better than Jacob Bromwell. The nearly 200-year-old kitchen and housewares manufacturer, famous for its line of handcrafted and soldered copper and stainless steel products, is America as America gets.

Jacob Bromwell’s collection of copper flasks ranges from the Stealth Edition Stainless Steel flask and Green Mountain Copper Flask, complete with a copper chain, to the smaller, round Ladies Prohibition Flask. Whatever your pleasure, it’s perfect as a gift for the spirit connoisseur. The Collector’s Cup—the Dom Perignon of copper mugs—will take your Moscow Mule or Kentucky Mule to legit legend status.

For the baker in your circle, or if 2018 is the year, by God, that you will have light and fluffy pies, you’ll want to check out Jacob Bromwell’s signature and most famous product, the All-American Flour Sifter. The five-cup sifter has a built-in four-wire stainless steel agitator and originally designed hand crank. It’s also available in original tin, the same material the company used when horses were the transportation of choice.

Like Waterford Crystal, Rolex, Hobart Kitchenaid mixers, and Wagner cast iron pots, you don’t just own a Jacob Bromwell, you own a Jacob Bromwell. These products are the stuff of legend and tradition, the sort of thing you pass down generations—hopefully, of course, with the recipe for grandma’s apple pie.

Fun Historial Facts

  • The company is older than the invention of the light bulb.
  • Jacob Bromwell held the patents to the world’s first flour sifter.
  • Bromwell estimates that 1 in 4 American households still owns a Jacob Bromwell flour sifter.

What’s in a sift?

It’s an honest, legitimate pastry question. The answer: Sifting breaks up lumps in the flour and aerates it. This process makes it easier to mix in other ingredients, and some claim it is the secret to light and fluffy pastries, pies, and cookies.