LAs cult-favorite coffee

By Elizabeth Hurchalla

If coffee to you is more than just a caffeine fix, you will love LAMILL—a complex, nuanced, and truly superior cup of joe. LAMILL is a company obsessed, roaming the globe in search of the finest beans and roasting them just long enough to maximize flavor. If you live in LA, you can pop in to LAMILL’s Silver Lake café to sample the many brews. (LA’s best restaurants—like Providence and Patina—serve it, and magazines like Bon Appétit rave about it.) Luckily for the rest of us, everything is available for purchase online. A spin around the LAMILL site reveals minutiae on each blend that is worthy of a Portlandia episode: “shade-grown coffee hailing from an old-growth forest” (Paradise Birdsong Honey); “naturally sun-dried for three weeks on raised beds” (Ethiopia Sidamo Ardi); and “tasting notes: deep ripe plum and peach, black currant” (Kenya AA Gethumbwini Estate). One sip and you’re hooked—and that’s before the caffeine kicks in.

Press on with better coffee

An automatic coffee maker can heat water that is ultimately too hot or too cold; with a French press, you control the temperature, which is easy to measure with a simple a candy thermometer (200 degrees is about right).

Paper filters trap essential oils that give coffee its distinct characteristics.

With a drip coffeemaker, water has only the moment it passes through the filter to turn into coffee. With a French press, the coffee can steep for several minutes to produce a richer, stronger cup.