The finest caviar, foie gras, and truffles, practically brought to you on a platter

By Erik Mathes

If by some combination of poor choices and twisted fate you wind up on death row, have the prison contact Laurel Pine Living Luxury to order your last meal. At least then you’re guaranteed to go out eating like a boss, because the things that this gourmet goods company slings are as good as it gets. This is the mission owner Laurel Pine has been on since she began connecting eager eaters with hard-to-find specialties by founding Mirepoix USA back in 2004, and today she continues to share her passion for rare delicacies with the newest incarnation of her vision, Laurel Pine Living Luxury.

And if you love to cook as much as you love to savor fine foods, the possibilities of what you can treat your taste buds to will blow your mind. Listen to this: You can order a ridiculously royal package of Wagyu beef, foie gras, and duck bacon to craft the finest feast of sliders ever assembled (pictured below). You’ll get sixteen 2-ounce Wagyu beef patties and sixteen 2-ounce flash-frozen Grade-A Hudson Valley foie gras portions, a half-pound of Hudson Valley Duck Bacon, and two condiments that make the word “upscale” look wanting: truffle mustard and shallots confit.

The best part is how easy it is to prepare everything—especially the foie gras. You’ll get a cookbook written by Laurel herself to guide you, and you can also follow this pan-seared foie gras recipe. Since you’re likely not on death row, chances are you won’t have to share this culinary bounty with any prison guards (or somehow convince them to cook for you). So go ahead and hoard it all for yourself—or maybe invite a companion or three so you can share the glory of an eating experience worthy of royalty.

And if you want more than amazing sliders, Laurel Pine Living Luxury has got you covered. Score everything from restaurant-quality seafood like Chilean sea bass, giant Maine lobster tails, and massive sea scallops, to savory pate—pheasant with figs and pistachios, rabbit with prunes and brandy, venison with apricots and hazelnuts—to exquisite fresh truffles and truffle products, to gourmet meats like Iberico ham, plus fancy cheeses from across the world.

Whatever your taste, at 30 percent off the entire Laurel Pine Living Luxury site, now is the time to treat yourself to a taste of the good life.

Photo credit: Adeline Ramos
Word on the Street

  • Profiled by CNBC for its fine foods
  • Featured in The San Francisco Chronicle for specialty goods
  • Covered by Bloomberg as a place to get foie gras after California’s ban
  • Provided luxury foods to top chefs like Ken Frank of La Toque in Napa

Tasty Tidbit

If you’re already having the most luxurious sliders in the world, what’s stopping your from bringing some of the world’s best caviar to the party, too? Black River Caviar’s Russian Oscietra (aka Ossetra; Osetra) caviar is perfect for savoring the salty flavor of the sea, but it also benefits from a blini base, a dollop of crème fraîche, and a sprig of your favorite fresh herb. Whatever your bliss, be sure to start with your mother-of-pearl spoon. What’s that? You’ve… misplaced yours? No worries—Laurel Pine will send you two complimentary spoons with your caviar order. Now, to get the full effect, roll the delicate eggs around in your mouth for a moment before gently breaking them on the roof of your mouth. Then close your eyes as time stops briefly, the burst of complex flavor eclipsing all your other senses.

One final, important note: For something as gourmet as Black River Caviar, be sure to store it correctly in your refrigerator, which calls for placing the tin in the coolest part of the fridge. Laurel Pine’s website can fill you in on all the details.