Get hooked on these sweet, savory, crunchy “Crack” cookies

By Erik Mathes

When Laura Shafferman was forced to quit marketing real estate due to a non-compete agreement, it was a monumental day for munchie-kind. Shifting direction, she started Legally Addictive Foods off the success of her flagship product, “Crack Cookies.”

Allegedly as addictive as the not-so-legal substance they share a name with, these creations veer far from the cookie status quo, doing away with dough entirely. Instead, as a base they use salty, square crackers—thus the name. But on top of that they add dark chocolate, toffee, and some savory seasonings so unexpected that you’d have to be smoking something to sprinkle them on a cookie.

Shafferman first worked up her own personal recipe for these mega-munchies during a late-night chill session in her apartment, and soon after introduced them to the public at a large event. For those fortunate enough to score a Crack Cookie that day, the experience was revelatory. This response—and a few hundred dollars of her own money—were all Shafferman needed to go all-in. Now her product line is building up, and her brand is blowing up.

The original Crack Cookie, dubbed “The OG,” is laced simply with a pinch of sea salt, while the “Everything” ventures into the bold territory of bagel toppings with sesame seeds, salt, poppy seeds, and even dehydrated garlic and onion shaken onto the chocolate. You have every right to be skeptical… and to be converted—and, frankly, to wonder if these cookies are actually laced with something a little extra special.

Of course, they’re not, but you can still rejoice in the simple fact that Crack Cookies exist at all. Better yet, stock up and save with the BBE discount of 30 percent off the entire Legally Addictive Foods site. Just don’t forget to order a few extra bags to deal off the inevitable withdrawal.
Word on the Street

  • Legally Addictive’s Crack Cookies were featured on Good Morning America as an “innovative new food trend.”
  • Crack Cookies are one of the most popular sellers at renowned candy store, Dylan’s Candy Bar.
  • Legally Addictive was one of the first companies to take part in Brooklyn food incubator, Brooklyn Foodworks.
  • Founder Laura Shafferman, was profiled by Hungry Marketing for creating such a unique, sweet-savory product.
  • Legally Addictive was also featured in a Tastemade video in June which has had over 10 million views on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Shafferman recently teamed up with a business partner, Seth Eisman, who had been a producer for the Food Network’s Chopped. This has allowed her to devote time to expanding the product line with new, unique snacks, like the Everything Crack Cookie.