MarketSpice—heat up and cool down with a small-batch of summer pantry staples

By Alisa Wolfson

Do your summer weeks threaten to stretch out in a haze of heat and ho-hum eats? Turn to Seattle’s MarketSpice small-batch line of hand-packaged loose leaf teas and spice packets to save you from the doldrums. Instead of cooling down with a glass of the same iced tea you usually brew, swap it for MarketSpice’s Hazelnut Crème Rooibos. The tea leaves look like miniature auburn woodchips and steep an aromatic, amber-colored delicacy. Don’t let the strong hazelnut fragrance fool you – it might smell just like flavored coffee, but it tastes much lighter than its highly caffeinated cousin. Add some milk and pour over ice to make a refreshing and thirst-quenching chilled latte that’s better than a barista’s. For your backyard fiestas, bank on MarketSpice’s Taco Seasoning to season fool-proof salads, salsas, and marinated fish. The chili powder, cilantro, coriander, cumin, garlic, oregano and crushed red peppers mixture makes for a spicy bite that you can cool down with one of your snazzy new iced teas.

pinkies up

Who said you can't throw an "iced" tea party? Here are a few must haves for the party:

- various blends of ice teas
- fruit wedges for extra flavor (we suggest peaches)
- finger foods (we suggest Martha Stewart's pink grapefruit sandwich cookies and crisp vegetable tea sandwiches)
- bright napkins and plates